Giulia Poggesi, Cecilia Ferrantini, Eleonora Servettini, Francesca Girolami, Franco Cecchi, Iacopo Olivotto


Progressive heart failure associated with left ventricular remodeling and systo-diastolic dysfunction is one of the most severe complications of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). Such condition, for the lack of a bet- ter term, is referred to as end-stage (ES) HCM. During the last decade, we have begun to understand the mechanisms underlying progression from a hyperdynamic left ventricle to the striking patterns of ES. To date, different aspects of HCM progression remain obscure, including potential strategies for management and pre- vention. On the basis of recent evidence, it is appropriate to emphasize these aspects, which may be difficult to identify, particularly in the early stages when systolic function appears relatively preserved. Nevertheless, it is at these early stages that treatment may potentially interfere with the clinical evolution of HCM toward ES and heart failure. The possibility of early identification of patients at risk of ES progression may ultimately im- pact on the natural history of the disease in this challenging patient subgroup.

Andamento nel tempo e Progressione della Cardiomiopatia ipertrofica GIC 2011