Top Cardiomyopathies experts in AICARMOn 13 April 2023 AICARM, at the request of the organizers of the congress "Advances in pediatric heart failure: congenital heart disease and cardiomyopathies", underway in Florence, hosted a meeting dedicated to the new perspectives for the use of "gene therapy for the treatment of cardiomyopathies. 15 of the top international and national cardiomyopathies experts participated, including the President of AICARM and the members of the Scientific Committee of the Association.

Participants in the meeting: Alessia Argirò (Florence), Franco Cecchi (Florence), Elisabetta Cerbai (Florence), Lia Crotti (Milan), Sharlene Day (Philadelphia), Perry Elliott (London), Carolyn Ho (Boston), Juan Kaski (London), Giuseppe Limongelli (Naples), Iacopo Olivotto (Florence), Natalia Paterson (Tenaya, Usa), Maurizio Pieroni (Arezzo), Monica Shah (Rocket Pharma, Usa), Magdi Yacoub (London), Jolanda Van Der Velden ( Amsterdam).

Professor Iacopo Olivotto, at the end of the meeting, expressed himself as follows: "Gene therapy is upon us for
cardiomyopathies and we are sure that it will explode in the next ten years. Close collaboration between industry and expert clinicians is essential to demonstrate the efficacy and safety of new therapies."

Meeting of top experts at the AICARM headquarters
Top experts at the AICARM headquarters