Donate 5x1000 to AICARM APS

In this tax return period, we would like to draw attention to an important opportunity: the destination of the 5x1000 to Aicarm, the Italian Cardiomyopathies Association. The 5×1000 donation allows all taxpayers to donate a portion of their taxes to a non-profit organization of their choice, without additional costs as it is already included in the amount paid

For those suffering from cardiomyopathies, pathologies that affect the heart muscle, Aicarm's support represents a point of reference. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for patients and their families through support services, expert patient education programs, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and more, as outlined in our 2023 activity report (link: Annual report 2023).

However, community support is essential to continue developing these goals. The 5×1000 constitutes an important source of financing that allows us to expand our initiatives for the benefit of patients suffering from these heart diseases. Since this is a pathology that is often of genetic origin, family members also participate in our support and training programs.

At Aicarm, we take very seriously the responsibility to use these resources in an ethical, transparent and effective way. The funds are managed with the utmost care and publicly reported, as demonstrated by our 5×1000 report (link: 5×1000 statement ), to ensure that every donation goes to support our charitable projects declared in the program plan approved by the Association bodies.

We therefore invite anyone who shares our values ​​to make this responsible and inclusive gesture, giving us the 5×1000. A concrete commitment to support those who, like our Association, offer free support to patients and their families. To allocate the 5×1000 to Aicarm simply indicate your tax code 94288930483 in the third sector bodies box and add your signature.

Spread this message to friends and family too: everyone's participation can really make a difference!