In the Rai2 program - "Tutto il bello che c'è" - on 7 September 2023, the book "The big heart - Stories of women and men facing the challenge of cardiomyopathies" was discussed. The program, hosted by journalist Silvia Vaccarezza, discussed the objective of contemporary medicine to put the patient at the center of its activity. And the narration of the stories of patients who have received a diagnosis becomes essential to promote the active participation of other patients in the treatment process with decisions made together with their doctors. The book The Big Heart collects twenty stories of women and men who have faced the challenge of cardiomyopathy. In the stories you will find the reality of a diagnosis that is difficult to accept, a lot of pain, but also the hope and desire to be reborn.

You can watch the full September 7, 2023 broadcast here: All the Beauty There Is