Over 250 contacts in the first twelve months

The psychological “earthquake” that occurs after receiving a diagnosis of cardiomyopathy can be emotionally devastating. We are looking for a lot of information on therapies, on reference centers, answers on the transmission of cardiomyopathy to children, on genetic analysis, on how to continue doing physical or sporting activity or on how to deal with a pregnancy, in short, answers that are difficult to find from your doctor and also to the cardiologist.

It often happens that the patient turns to the web looking for complex answers on search engines that he finds difficult to obtain. Furthermore, "social networks", such as Facebook or Instagram, which represent an exceptional tool for creating communities, have a big problem. When complex and delicate topics are discussed on social media, such as those linked to pathologies, anyone can respond and give wrong or inadequate answers and can add further anxiety and uncertainty or even cause damage.

To help people diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, AICARM has activated a listening desk managed by volunteers and experts: Cuori in Ascolto. AICARM has trained a group of volunteers who, in addition to being carriers of a cardiomyopathy themselves, have acquired basic knowledge on the diagnosis, the different therapies and the pathogenesis of cardiomyopathies. I am able to actively listen to the patient or a family member and establish an empathetic relationship, creating contact between two people who share similar problems.

And when the volunteer cannot respond directly to the people asking for help then they are put in contact with a network of specialists and expert doctors who collaborate with AICARM: cardiologists, psychotherapists, gynaecologists, hematologists and last but not least, specialists in patient rights such as , for example, disability, renewal of driving licenses, work duties.

Cardiomyopathy help

If you need help call us or send a request

The “HEARTS IN LISTENING” service can be accessed:

  • By dialing the dedicated telephone number 055 0620178 to speak directly with a volunteer in certain time slots or leave a message to be called back
  • Via the website at heartinorecchio.aicarm.it where you can fill out the form to make a telephone appointment

The service approach is structured in full respect of the confidentiality of the personal data of patients and/or their families in accordance with the law. Unlike what happens on social media, where you expose your condition to everyone in exchange for ease of use, in fact a click is enough, the access procedure to Cuori in Ascolto is a little more elaborate but guarantees the protection of privacy of patients and offers authoritative and qualified support.

To date, approximately 12 months after the start of the activities of the "HEARTS IN LISTENING" desk, there have been over 250 contacts with our volunteers and specialists, a number that we consider remarkable, which has engaged all our volunteers and has required a lot of attention and dedication.

We consider it a great success, and it demonstrates how the effort made to train volunteers and create a network of specialists has been amply rewarded by the satisfaction of the users who have used this service. These results push us to dedicate more resources and attention to Cuori in Ascolto in the coming years too thanks to our network of volunteers and specialists who are experts in cardiomyopathies.

Di Marco Bruscaglioni