The utmost attention should be paid to checking the operation of the Emblem A209-A219 subcutaneous defibrillators as the device may need to be replaced due to premature and accelerated battery depletion. Aicarm Ets Onlus considers it useful to transmit this recommendation to all those who wear Emblem so that they are extremely rigorous in carrying out the necessary checks.

This is the recommendation issued by the Pisan University Hospital, reminding one of our associates of the information provided by Boston Scientific, the company that produces them. It is a question of adhering to a few rules to avoid the risk of being left without protection. For those who have not already done so, it is necessary to activate remote monitoring to promptly detect any accelerated exhaustion between an outpatient check-up and the next. This happens through a transmitter that is kept at home, to be used usually every week, which allows to detect if the battery is running out.

In any case, the devices are also equipped with an acoustic signal verifiable through a test. In the event that the acoustic signals are heard "it is necessary to contact the center where the device checks are carried out" to check the level battery.

However, the preventive replacement of the subcutaneous defibrillator is not recommended, which is decided on a case-by-case basis by the cardiologists of the center.