Changing eating habits built over time is not easy !! Eating is not only a need of the body, but is conditioned by various factors: economic, social, environmental, psychological and even affective. The food culture of a people is linked to the geographical environment, climate, traditions and social and economic conditions.

In Italy it is very varied: it is possible to combine a wide variety of flavors, suitable for all needs. 

Following a correct diet means getting the maximum benefits in health and physical efficiency from food. Today's Italian food model retains only a few aspects of the true Mediterranean Diet, characterized by a diet consisting of poor and natural foods.

La Mediterranean Diet true is not just the abundance of bread and pasta.

First of all, the bread is wholemeal and the pasta is not only made from durum wheat but also from various cereals.

Ample space for legumes (chickpeas, lentils, beans), as soup, or past or side dish.

Meat is scarce. THEl fish preferably blue (anchovies, anchovies), at least 1 or 2 times a week. Few fats, with the main use of extra virgin olive oil.

Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and also nuts (walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, etc).

So what should we eat?

Plus: whole grains, legumes, raw or cooked vegetables, fruit, fish.

Less: refined sugars and grains, less meats, dairy products and animal fats (e.g. butter, sweets)

Minus: salt e less foods preserved in salt (especially cured meats, sausages, cheeses, canned foods), particularly in patients who have or have already had Heart failure or have Hypertension, who must avoid using salt on the table and use little of it when cooking.

Consume wine or beer in modest quantities (maximum 2 glasses per day), and avoid spirits (grappa, vodka, etc.). In patients with cardiomyopathy wine, beer and spirits should be avoided, as they reduce the contraction force of heart cells and promote Atrial fibrillation.

Take an adequate amount of fluids (at least 1,5 -2 liters per day), not only by drinking water, but also juices, tea, herbal teas, and above all by often eating soups.

Proper nutrition must therefore be balanced. Meals should be split equally throughout the day, starting with Room which is crucial.

In addition to the advice already given, it is proven that theobesity is associated with a worsening of the clinical course of cardiomyopathies and in particular favors the development of hypertrophy in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM).

Furthermore patients with HCM, presenting with effort-triggered obstruction (Latent obstructive CMI), they must avoid making efforts after the meal for at least an hour, especially if the meal is large, to avoid the appearance of the obstruction.

In patients using Vitamin K antagonist anticoagulant drugs (eg. Coumadin, Synthrom) it is appropriate to keep one constant diet, especially in the consumption of vegetables, rich in Vit.K

Food pyramid

Food Pyramid - Credits: Umberto Veronesi Foundation