AICARM protagonist in the European Parliament

AICARM protagonist of the initiative of the European Parliament which on 15 November placed cardiomyopathies at the center of attention in a conference entitled: “Cardiomyopathies issue: cardiovascular diseases underestimated in Europe”.

November 21, 2022|

In Milan the first AICARM course aimed at patients from Northern Italy

The first "Training course for patients expert in hereditary myocardial diseases" aimed at patients from Northern Italy was held in Milan on 28 October 2022. The course, spread over the whole day, was held in the Aula Magna on the eighth floor of the Auxologico San Luca hospital. The course was provided free of charge.

November 21, 2022|


AICARM joins ERN GUARD-Heart, a virtual European network to facilitate access to the diagnosis and treatment of rare and complex heart diseases European Reference Networks (ERN) - European reference networks The ERNs, the result of a project of the European Commission, they are virtual networks involving healthcare institutions across Europe. They aim to address complex or rare diseases and conditions that require treatment [...]

November 10, 2022|

AICARM supports the guiding principles of Global Heart Hub

AICARM fully supports the Global Heart Hub guiding principles for patient involvement and engagement in Cardiomyopathy Research Global Heart Hub (GHH) supports the principle of patient involvement and engagement in Cardiomyopathy research. The GHH Cardiomyopathy Patient Council believes that the perspective of people with personal experience of Cardiomyopathy and the impact it can have, [...]

November 10, 2022|

II ° Training Course for Expert Patients in Hereditary Myocardial Diseases

The definition of Patient, according to the FDA (USA) is: any person with, or at risk of a specific health condition, whether or not they receive therapy to prevent or treat that condition. The concept of "expert patient" was expressed in 1985 by Prof. David Tucket, of the University of Cambridge (GB), who stated that medical treatments would be more effective if doctors [...]

October 13, 2022|
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