Il Cuore Grande talks about it on RAI 2 at "Tutto il bello che c'è"

In the Rai2 program - "Tutto il bello che c'è" - on 7 September 2023, the book "The big heart - Stories of women and men facing the challenge of cardiomyopathies" was discussed. The program, hosted by journalist Silvia Vaccarezza, discussed the objective of contemporary medicine to put the patient at the center of its activity.

08 September 2023|

Dangerous loves: Salvatore has a new bicycle

Everything is ready for the presentation of Il Cuore Grande, stories of women and men facing the challenge of cardiomyopathies, the book was born around the stories of twenty patients, or their families, edited by the journalist Laura D'Ettole and Professor Franco Cecchi, President of AICARM. Starting in October, the Association will give life to a series of initiatives, starting with the presentation to the public and the press (Villa Bardini, 14 October). As an anticipation for those who have not already had or have obtained the volume, which is distributed free of charge to members who request it, we are publishing one of the twenty testimonials.

August 28 2023|

The patient expert in action: guidance and empathy of a "listening heart"

“My son was a promising athlete. He suddenly left us, in his sleep, one Saturday night ”says D. the father. “It was only later that we learned that he had an unknown and potentially lethal cardiomyopathy. His mother and brother are also carriers of the same disease and are being treated at this Center. We can say that his death saved their lives ”.

June 27 2023|

Gloria's happiness: the dilated cardiomyopathy gene was not passed on to her children

Gloria's happiness: the dilated cardiomyopathy gene was not transmitted to Laura D'Ettole's children It was a late afternoon in January 2021 when Gloria Capecchi receives a message on her mobile phone that leaves her incredulous with happiness. The words did not come out, she could not say it to her husband: her two children, Elijah and Teresa, aged 15 and 10, did not [...]

December 06 2021|

The cardiologist and his two hearts

My hypertrophic cardiomyopathy seen from both sides of the fence My story begins at the age of 12 on the occasion of a cardiological examination performed to be able to start tennis at a competitive level. On that visit I found a right branch block and a systolic murmur. The cardiologist, Dr. Poponcini, immediately thinks of an atrial defect and sends me to Florence [...]

May 17, 2020|

The story of Alessandro

My story begins with an ending…. April 1989… I was 16 when my mother passed away at the age of 39 for Dilated Cardiomyopathy, of which, at that time, I had only a minimal knowledge. In any case, inexorable, the pain "becomes aware" with the passing of time and with it also the ability of each of us to pigeonhole and [...]

May 17, 2020|
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