Useful lifestyle tips and practices that help patients with cardiomyopathy

Life in your hands: the importance of cardiopulmonary resuscitation for families of patients with cardiomyopathy

Cardiac arrest is a reality feared by everyone, however people suffering from a form of cardiomyopathy are at greater risk than the general population. This dramatic event can happen suddenly, but thanks to Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and the use of the defibrillator, we can save lives and reduce the consequences of a lack of oxygenation to the brain and other vital organs.

November 13, 2023|

Dangerous loves: Salvatore has a new bicycle

Everything is ready for the presentation of Il Cuore Grande, stories of women and men facing the challenge of cardiomyopathies, the book was born around the stories of twenty patients, or their families, edited by the journalist Laura D'Ettole and Professor Franco Cecchi, President of AICARM. Starting in October, the Association will give life to a series of initiatives, starting with the presentation to the public and the press (Villa Bardini, 14 October). As an anticipation for those who have not already had or have obtained the volume, which is distributed free of charge to members who request it, we are publishing one of the twenty testimonials.

August 28 2023|

The first impact with the disease: the 5 most frequently asked questions

Second installment of the AICARMNews series on the answers doctors, analysts and therapists give to the most frequent questions they hear from patients. This time to answer is Guendalina Rossi, psychiatrist and psychotherapist. These are five questions that summarize the doubts, worries and anxieties of those who encounter the disease for the first time. "The answers - says Dr. Rossi - certainly do not exhaust or fully satisfy curiosity and the need to know, but we hope they can stimulate interest in further study"

August 28 2023|

Rules and recommendations for proper nutrition (after the holidays…)

A proper diet allows you to contain the symptoms often complained of by patients with cardiomyopathy and lead a peaceful life. The scientific world has long agreed on the great potential of proper nutrition and its beneficial influence on health, but what are the rules to follow for a patient suffering from cardiomyopathy? These guidelines are taken from the latest version published in America.

December 15 2022|

License renewal: regulatory chaos and costs, a nightmare for patients

Driver's license renewal: for those who have a subcutaneous defibrillator it is chaos. The Commission for special licenses follows very strict guidelines approved by the association of medical examiners Asl, however never adopted by the Tuscany Region.

December 21 2021|
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