Alert NadololIn a recent information note agreed with the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) it is warned that, due to production problems, Nadolol will not return to the Italian market until 8 March 2024. In the same note doctors are invited to inform their patients using this medicine of the medicine's deficiency and, possibly, reassess patients currently being treated and switch to an appropriate alternative treatment. This note means that patients who use Nadolol must prepare to somehow overcome this long period of deficiency.

Apart from the inconvenience and greater costs to be incurred, Nadolol deficiency can represent a real risk for some patients and, for this reason, at AICARM we are committed to evaluating all possible options to help patients. Last week we already suggested two references for purchasing the drug Nadolo abroad, see article "Nadolol can be purchased in Switzerland and the Vatican".

A possible alternative to not purchasing the drug from foreign suppliers is to identify a pharmacy capable of making one galenic preparation using the active ingredient Nadolol. Galenic preparations are all those medicines that the pharmacist can produce in his own laboratory as long as he is equipped with adequate equipment and, naturally, has the active ingredient available.

For galenic preparations there are waiting times as pharmacies have to organize themselves to find the active ingredient to produce the tablets. Production is normally managed in batches: the pharmacy orders a quantity of active ingredient, processes it, and ships it in an orderly manner to patients on the waiting list. It should be highlighted that there may be waiting times between one supply of active ingredient and another, we cannot say that the pharmacy is able to supply galenic preparations without interruption.

Unfortunately, in all the cases examined, importing the drug or galenic preparation, the costs rise, especially for a life-saving drug whose costs should be borne by the National Health Service.

While waiting for the NHS to identify an adequate solution, i AICARM volunteers they are contacting pharmacies on the national territory to identify some references in northern, central and southern Italy, which have the active ingredient and are organized for the galenic preparation of Nadolol tablets in dosages of 40mg and 80mg.

Below is a list of suppliers that we have contacted and who currently claim to be able to deliver the drug or galenic preparation with Nadolol. The situation is constantly evolving, and it must be taken into account that there may be waiting times and temporary unavailability. Please also remember that an original and valid blank prescription from your doctor is required.

We are currently able to recommend the following suppliers:

Drug suppliers

Update as of March 12, 2024

International Pharmacy, Corso S. Gottardo, 25 – Chiasso (Switzerland) – tel. 0041.91.6901050. E-mail – Head Dr. Merloni.
Upon request they can supply the drug in packs of 100 divisible 80 mg tablets

Bravi Pharmacy, V. Matteotti, 9 – Lissone – prov. Monza and Brianza – tel. 039.481205 –
They have availability of the drug upon reservation.

Suppliers of galenic preparations

Update as of February 9, 2024

TUSCANY – MARUCELLI Snc Pharmacy, Viale Edmondo de Amicis, 87a – Florence – tel. 055.666660 – – Head Dr. Carlo Panfilo – They have a "relative" availability of the active ingredient given the numerous requests received.

LAZIO – Pharmacy Piazza Bologna, Piazza Bologna 19 – Roma – tel. 06.44291150 Email – Contacts Dr. Rocco Crimi and Dr. Marco Di Nocco – They have the active ingredient available and can supply non-divisible capsules. An original prescription is required - specifying the dosage and number of capsules - which can be taken to the pharmacy to book the preparation or sent by the doctor from his certified e-mail to the pharmacy's e-mail at the address In the latter case, after sending the prescription, contact the pharmacy to reserve the medicine.

LOMBARDIA – Gastaldi Pharmacy Via P. Cesare Faccioli, 2 – Milano – tel. 02.48911014 Email: contact person Dr. Daniela. They will soon receive a good amount of the active ingredient. To take charge of the preparations it is necessary to be in possession of the original recipes (no fax, photo or email) showing the required dosage, the number of capsules to prepare and the intake methods.

PIEDMONT – Barberis Pharmacy GB Volpini General Course, 255 – Asti Island – Asti – tel. 0141958132 – Email Contact person Dr. Paola Barberis – They have the possibility of preparing nadolol

PIEDMONT – Monari Pharmacy, Corso Traiano, 158/b – Torino – tel. 011.6197358
Email  – Reference Dr. Sabrina, ask for the laboratory.
They have the active ingredient available and can prepare the galenic preparation.

PIEDMONT – Squillario Pharmacy, Corso Belgio, 41 – Torino - Tel. 011.888098 Email – Contact Dr. Carlo Squillario – They have the active ingredient available and can prepare the galenic preparation in dosages of 10, 20, 40 and 80 mg or according to a different medical indication.

PIEDMONT – Central Pharmacy of Cambiano, Corso Onorio Lisa, 5 bis – Change (TO) – tel. 011.9440163. E-mail – Head Dr. Armando Vellano. They have the active ingredient available and can prepare capsules of any dosage.