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AICARM Onlus is part of an international network of associations and organizations that deal with patients with Cardiomyopathy with the aim of changing the standards of diagnosis, therapy, care and assistance for the better.

AICARM Onlus collaborates with other international associations and organizations and is actively committed to forging new relationships to enhance the voice of patients with Cardiomyopathy.

Latest news

2808, 2023

Cardiomyopathies and genetic analysis: large participation in the awareness campaign

Also this year, AICARM Onlus took part in the CardioMYopathy Awareness Week, an important global initiative dedicated to raising public awareness of cardiomyopathies and the genetic analysis useful for identifying the gene or genes responsible for the development of cardiomyopathy.

1011, 2022


AICARM joins ERN GUARD-Heart, a European virtual network to facilitate access to the diagnosis and treatment of rare and complex heart diseases. ERNs, the result of a European Commission project, are virtual networks involving healthcare institutions across Europe. They aim to address complex or rare diseases and conditions that require highly specialized care and concentration of knowledge and resources.

1011, 2022

AICARM supports the guiding principles of Global Heart Hub

AICARM fully supports the Global Heart Hub Guiding Principles for Patient Involvement and Engagement in Cardiomyopathy Research. Global Heart Hub (GHH) supports the principle of patient involvement and engagement in Cardiomyopathy Research. The GHH Cardiomyopathy Patient Council believes that the perspective of people with personal experience of Cardiomyopathy, and the impact it can have, should inform all stages of the research process to lead to better outcomes for people with the condition.

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