The AICARM website was created thanks to the contribution of a community of volunteers, which include medical experts such as cardiologists, geneticists, psychologists and other professionals with communication skills.

These people have kindly donated their time and expertise to create a website that provides comprehensive and reliable information on cardiomyopathies. Thanks to them, we are able to offer a complete resource, to patients and their families but also to the healthcare professionals who assist them, which covers the current state of knowledge on cardiomyopathies, the diagnosis options and available therapies. The technical sheets on cardiomyopathies were developed and supervised by Prof. Franco Cecchi and other members of the AICARM Scientific Committee.

The Aicarm community would like to thank all the volunteers who made the creation of this informative website possible. It is thanks to these people that we can help improve the quality of life of those suffering from cardiomyopathy and their families