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The purpose of the site:

The site aims to inform users about the civic, solidarity and social utility purposes pursued by the Aicarm Association in carrying out activities aimed at:

-Promote the aggregation of patients with Cardiomyopathies (Heart Muscle Diseases) and their families, in order to interact at an institutional and health level, to circulate information and ideas to improve the quality of life and to minimize the impact of cardiomyopathies on the clinical, psychological, economic and professional well-being of affected individuals.

-To make a contribution to scientific, biomedical and health research in the field of Cardiomyopathies (Heart Muscle Diseases).

- Disseminating information on Cardiomyopathies, including those of genetic origin, including epidemiology, diagnostic methods and therapies, also using IT tools and organizing regional or national conferences.

-Improve the standard of care for patients with Cardiomyopathy, including the verification of the structures in charge and the promotion of centers of excellence with proven experience, care and research in the sector.

-Help patients with Cardiomyopathy during the care process, both through practical information regarding centers of excellence and qualified healthcare professionals, and - where necessary - through financial support that guarantees access to the best care at national level.

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