What blood tests should I do?

In patients with cardiomyopathy it is necessary to check some tests at least every year
haematochemicals, useful for assessing the state of compensation and arrhythmic risk.
These include atrial natriuretic peptides (proBNP or BNP), Troponin, which can be
even slightly elevated, potassium and sodium, if diuretics or drugs are used
potassium savers.
In patients on anticoagulant therapy, periodic control of blood counts, sideremia and
It may be useful to evaluate the presence of proteinuria, with urine collection for 24 hours in case of
renal insufficiency and in Fabry disease and amyloidosis.
Obviously, other checks must also be made if there are associated pathologies (eg.
hyperuricemia, renal failure, diabetes mellitus, anemia, etc)
Specific tests for the evaluation of rare diseases (e.g. alpha galactosidase activity assay and del
LysoGB3 in Fabry disease) should only be performed in laboratories with specification