The AICARM Association was established in Florence on December 3, 2019 by a group of 22 Founders: doctors and specialists cardiologists and nurses who for many years have dedicated themselves to assistance and research in the field of Cardiomyopathies, patients with different types of Cardiomyopathy and some benefactors. AICARM is registered since 12 December 2019 in the Non-Profit Register under no. 1052 and has the following tax code: 94288930483.


President     Prof. Franco Cecchi               Vice President   Dr. Valerio Pelini

Consiglieri    Prof. Augusto Marinelli, Mr. Marco Bruscaglioni, Mr. Paolo Palma


Prof. Iacopo Olivotto - Cardiologist Specialist, Director of the Cardiomyopathies Unit AOUC Careggi

Dr. Maurizio Pieroni - Cardiologist Specialist, Cardiovascular Department, Arezzo Hospital

Dr. Silvia Favilli - Cardiologist Specialist, Acting Director of Pediatric Cardiology, Meyer Hospital