According to its Statute, the AICARM Onlus Association finances itself with the contributions of the members, the collection of funds, through the request to third parties of donations, bequests and contributions of a non-cash nature and the assignment of 5 per thousand by entering the tax code  94288930483 in the form of the Tax Return 2020.

The fundraising activity can also be carried out in an organized and continuous form and through solicitation to the public or through the sale or supply of goods or services of modest value, using own and third party resources, including volunteers and employees.

It will also be able to use funding to carry out scientific research projects also in collaboration with other foundations, universities and hospitals.

The funds will mainly be used for the reimbursement of health or travel expenses for patients in need, for the provision of scholarships for health personnel (Graduates in Medicine and Nursing Sciences) and the purchase of medical equipment to be donated to hospitals, universities. and Research Centers.