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AICARM NEWS is the AICARM Onlus newsletter which aims to periodically provide information on the activities of our association and much more.

In fact, with this initiative we intend to tell stories of patients who are confronted with cardiomyopathy every day, offer a preview of news on scientific research and new therapies available, re-launch the main topics addressed and discussed in our training courses for expert patients.

In AICARM we are convinced that the well-informed patient or "expert patient", who is aware of his condition, not only from a clinical point of view, but also from a psychological one, must be the protagonist in the new relationship between patient and medical community. We believe that AICARM NEWS is a useful tool for patients, but also for their families, to help them implement a shared management of the therapeutic path and improve their relationship with cardiomyopathy.

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2203, 2024

AICARM NEWS – March 2024

the themes we propose in the March newsletter open the way to new lines of intervention in our commitment to providing all of you with in-depth and up-to-date information. The article on the "placebo and nocebo effect" kicks off an editorial line on the crucial topic of drugs. We have seen in recent weeks how important the experimentation and arrival of new generation products is, as well as their history and their full availability to patients. As regards Nadolol, for example, the shortage period for which AICARM Aps intervened several times has ended and the drug is once again available in pharmacies.

2602, 2024

AICARM NEWS – February 2024

There is important news on the drug front. Professor Iacopo Olivotto takes stock of the situation and illustrates the characteristics and status of the trials on this medicine. As regards the activity of our Association, we must note with satisfaction the strengthening of the volunteer service at the Careggi Unit. One of them, Valerio Pelini, our vice president, talks about it. The next course for expert patients in hereditary myocardial diseases will be held in Milan on Saturday 23 March.

2901, 2024

AICARM NEWS – January 2024

The year that has just begun immediately proposed us some fundamental objectives to be at the service of our community of patients and doctors, addressing the most urgent problems on which to bring all the pressure and conviction of the Association to bear. In this newsletter we continue our offer of thematic information sheets by proposing the article by Emil Tsenov, an entrepreneur marketing consultant, who examines all the aspects inherent to the choice to implant a defibrillator. The author is involved in various initiatives in favor of patients.

1312, 2023

AICARM NEWS – December 2023

2023 was a crucial year for our Association, which took on the legal personality of APS (Social Promotion Association). After four years of commitment on the part of everyone, volunteers, members, specialists, we have acquired the awareness of being an important and recognized reality and therefore an entity that can make its voice heard at any level, medical, scientific and political, national and international.

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