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Aicarm News - December 2022 Happy Holidays to the entire AICARM Community and to the many who support it On December 3, Aicarm turned three. It is a great satisfaction to think about how far we have come in these 36 months.

December 15 2022|

AICARM NEWS – November 2022

Aicarm News - November 2022 Launch of the new telephone service "Hearts in Listening" Information, advice and support for those facing medical and psychological problems related to cardiomyopathies

November 21, 2022|

AICARM NEWS - October 2022

Aicarm News - October 2022 The new telephone service "Hearts in Listening" is launched Information, advice and support for those who face medical and psychological problems related to Cardiomyopathies

October 04, 2022|

AICARM NEWS - July 2022

 The agreement with the Cardiomyopathies Center of the Auxological Institute of Milan This is a special issue of Aicarm News. Not only for the extensive information and service that we periodically continue to give to our members and to those who follow us closely [...]

July 19 2022|

AICARM NEWS - May 2022

The adhesion of Aicarm to Global Heart Hub, and in particular the presence at the specific table "Cardiomyopathy Patient Council", brings the voice of Italy to an international body whose goal is to improve the diagnosis and treatment of cardiomyopathies. [...]

May 16, 2022|

Aicarm News March - April 2022

Dear friends, in a year that will be of growth and consolidation, our Association is developing innovative initiatives and services created with the aim of being ever closer to patients and helping them to face their many needs [...]

April 20 2022|

Aicarm - NewsLetter February 14, 2021

Dear friends, this third newsletter continues its informative line, with an analysis of the progress achieved in the last decades in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy and in particular the increase in survival and quality of life: one of the most important successes of Cardiology among the XX and XXI century.

February 16 2021|

Aicarm - NewsLetter January 14, 2021

We begin 2021 with the hope that vaccines will be able to avoid getting sick with SARS-Cov-2 virus infection, to limit the spread of the infection, to stop the ban on circulating and socializing and above all to resume school activities and [... ]

February 14 2021|

Newsletter 14 December 2020

The Newsletter contains the communication and wishes of the President prof. Franco Cecchi, the interview with the Vice President dott. Valerio Pelini, the interview with prof. Augusto Marinelli, Giulia's experience. [...]

December 14 2020|tags = |

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