The “Big Heart” and a new episode of the information sheets dedicated to magnetic resonance imaging

Dear friends of AICARM,

let me express all my satisfaction in seeing our Association still growing and even more aware of itself in these weeks of the resumption of activities. This is the fruit of the unsparing work of our volunteers and of all of you who follow us with your support and advice. The flagship of the strength and diffusion of our message is the book "Il Cuore Grande", which we have already distributed in recent months and which will be the Association's business card in the presentation to the institutions and supporting bodies which will also see the reading of some of the stories told in the volume by the actress Pamela Villoresi.

But another significant event in our growth is the Course for Expert Patients in hereditary myocardial diseases which will be held in Rome at the beginning of November. It is the first initiative in the capital: what stronger signal than Aicarm's achieved national and international maturity?

In this edition of Aicarm News we continue our service information initiative on fundamental aspects of the diagnostic and therapeutic approach to cardiomyopathies. After the questions and answers curated by the geneticist Francesca Girolami and those curated by the psychotherapist Guendalina Rossi, we publish a decalogue on Cardiac Magnetic Resonance created by Maurizio Pieroni and his team.

The President

Prof. Franco Cecchi

Magnetic resonance imaging why, how and when: the ten most frequently asked questions by patients

Why cardiac MRI is prescribed, how it is carried out and what it is used for: these are just some of the questions answered by Dr. Chiara Zocchi, who works with Dr. Maurizio Pieroni, head of the cardiomyopathies and rare heart diseases clinic of the San Donato hospital. It is a very useful decalogue for the patient who is asked to undergo this test, because it clarifies the meaning and its dynamics point by point.

MRI machine

Guidelines on the different forms of Cardiomyopathy presented at the Congress of the European Society of Cardiology in Amsterdam

ESC Clinical Practice Guidelines

Guidelines on the different forms of Cardiomyopathy presented at the Congress of the European Society of Cardiology in Amsterdam. There is much new knowledge and consequently opportunities for doctors and patients in terms of diagnosis and treatment options for patients suffering from cardiomyopathy.

In Rome on November 4th Course for Expert Patients in hereditary myocardial diseases

The next Course for Expert Patients in hereditary myocardial diseases will be held in Rome on 4 November 2023. It is the first training initiative that Aicarm organizes in the capital. The training of the "expert patient" in hereditary myocardial diseases derives from the need for a new way of doctor-patient interaction, which takes into account the increased cultural level, the technological innovations that allow the dissemination of scientific information, and the sharing of diagnostic choices and therapeutics which is now constantly foreseen in the Guidelines of international scientific societies (Shared decision making). Furthermore, its participation in the new operational and collaborative models between all the parties involved is envisaged, in a process of mutual enrichment of knowledge, including the research and development of new drugs, with pharmaceutical companies and regulatory bodies (AIFA) in specific pathologies. .

Rome Expert patients 2023


Presentation of the book “Il Cuore Grande” to institutions and supporters

The book “Il Cuore Grande – Stories of women and men facing the challenge of cardiomyopathies” an initiative curated by AICARM will be presented to the institutions during an initiative in which the institutions and bodies that support our association will participate. The event will be held at Villa Bardini, Florence on 14 October 2023.

On the one hand, this is a precious opportunity for our community of patients and doctors, committed to raising awareness among institutions towards patients with Cardiomyopathy, to share our mission, tell the stories of our patients and underline the importance of calling for greater attention to hereditary myocardial diseases.

The objective of the volume created by professor Franco Cecchi and journalist Laura d'Ettole is to build a deeper bond between patients with this pathology and their doctors, and offer them the tools to deal with the pathology with full awareness.

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