Associate with AICARM APS  means recognizing oneself in the following objectives and contributing to their achievement:

  1. Helping poor patients to be able to take advantage of reimbursement of expenses to carry out necessary analyzes or procedures, in reference centers of excellence
  2. Contribute to the realization of scientific research projects aimed at increasing knowledge in the field of Cardiomyopathies
  3. Allowing the increase of communication between patients and Cardiomyopathies experts, i.e. creating a communication network between patients and Cardiomyopathies experts at national and international level
  4. Improve the quality of care in patients with different types of cardiomyopathies
  5. Disseminate information on Cardiomyopathies, including those of genetic origin, including epidemiology, diagnostic methods and therapies, also using IT tools and organizing regional or national conferences

To join the AICARM APS the following procedure must be completed:

  1. Use the form below and enter the required fields (name, surname and e-mail), check the acknowledgment of the Privacy Policy , which you can also download here: Privacy Policy information .
  2. The association request form and the information on the processing of personal data will be sent to you by e-mail. The statute of the association is published on the official website and can be consulted here: AICARM APS Statute. You can download the statute in pdf format here: AICARM APS Statute
  3. Make the payment of the annual membership fee by bank transfer of € 50 to the current account in the name of AICARM APS - causal Year membership fee - - at Credit Agricole agency of Florence IBAN: IT71W0623002819000040364692.
  4. AICARM APS accepts payments made exclusively in a traceable manner.
  5. Complete and sign the documents and send them via email or regular mail to AICARM APS.
  6. Once AICARM has received the complete association request (Association request, Information on the processing of personal data) this will be submitted for approval by the Board of Directors as required by the Association's Statute.
Interest in joining AICARM APS