AICARM APS – Italian Cardiomyopathies Association, is an association of volunteers, patients, doctors and nurses that provides support to patients with Cardiomyopathy and their families, promotes training and the dissemination of scientifically correct information and supports scientific research on Cardiomyopathies.

The organization and functioning of AICARM are governed by the Statutewhich contains basic rules and regulations.

The Statute also defines the Bodies of the Association and their roles:

  1. Shareholders' meetingi: It is made up of all registered members and performs important functions, such as the election of the Governing Council, the approval of the budgets and the modifications of the Statute.
  2. Board of Directors: This is the most significant body, composed of seven members who remain in office for three years. The Board of Directors is responsible for the management of the Association, decides the activities, timing and expenses. Furthermore, it elects the President, the Honorary President and appoints the Scientific Committee.
  3. Supervisory body: The Statute provides for the presence of a supervisory body, but currently it has not been established as the Association does not yet meet the requirements established by law for its activation.

In addition to the Bodies, the relevant figures in the Management of AICARM are:

  • President: Represents the Association in external relations, signs the deeds and has legal representation. He convenes and presides over the Board of Directors and the Assembly of Members.
  • Vice President: Collaborates with the President and replaces him in case of impediment or absence.
  • Honorary President: Collaborates with the President in his representative functions.
  • Scientific Committee: It is made up of professionals with proven clinical and scientific experience in the areas of interest of the Association. He carries out consultancy activities in favor of AICARM.

Board of Directors

Frank Cecchi
Frank CecchiPresident
Valerio Pellini
Valerio PelliniAdvisor and Vice President
Augustus Marinelli
Augustus MarinelliAdvisor and Honorary President
Marco Bruscaglioni
Marco BruscaglioniBoard Member
Marigrazia Catania
Marigrazia CataniaBoard Member
Annalisa Gebbia
Annalisa GebbiaBoard Member
Paul Palma
Paul PalmaBoard Member

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is made up of professionals with proven clinical and scientific experience, which can be deduced from the curriculum, in the subjects covered by the Association's activity. The Scientific Committee collaborates with the Board of Directors in the preparation and supervision of the Association's activity programmes.

– Dr. Maurizio Pieroni
– Prof. Mariagrazia Bongiorni
– Prof. Lia Crotti
– Dr. Francesca Girolami
– Prof. Giuseppe Limongelli
– Prof. Iacopo Olivotto
– Prof. Gianfranco Sinagra