The two pillars of the Association: updated information and widespread training

Dear friends of AICARM,

Aicarm's activity resumed intensely this autumn. I am referring in particular to the courses that now take place at increasingly closer intervals in order to meet the requests and achieve the objective of creating a widespread, theoretical and operational culture, to guarantee a safety net for patients in the face of any eventuality. . Two courses will take place simultaneously in Florence with the methods and contents that we have experimented with: the training of the so-called expert patient - in this newsletter you will find an article by Dr. Alberto Dolara, former Director of the historic Cardiology Unit S.Luca-Careggi-Florence, who explains its history and innovative character - and the practical instruction of cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers in emergency situations.

Precise and updated information remains another cornerstone of our action. In this newsletter we talk about how to overcome the shortage of a drug, Nadolol, but our intention is to make the information flow increasingly effective in order to prevent the many inconveniences that can arise from changing market conditions. Finally, allow me to thank the representatives of the institutions and all our supporters who so warmly encouraged us on the occasion of the presentation of the book "Il Cuore Grande" in the wonderful setting of Villa Bardini in Florence.

Enjoy the reading! 

The President

Prof. Franco Cecchi

Aicarm party at Villa Bardini with an exceptional godmother: Pamela Villoresi

The objective was the presentation of the volume Il Cuore Grande to the representatives of the institutions, sponsors and supporters of Aicarm. But the event was transformed into a great celebration for the four years of life and activity of the Association in the setting of Villa Bardini, the exceptional terrace on the hill recovered for the use of Florentines and visitors and restored thanks to the CR Firenze Foundation. On stage the president Franco Cecchi, author of the book together with the journalist Laura d'Ettole, the honorary president of AICARM Augusto Marinelli and the vice-president Valerio Pelini. The actress Pamela Villoresi interpreted some stories from the book Il Cuore Grande with great talent.

Pamela Villoresi - Exceptional godmother

Pamela Villoresi

The epic of the patient in medicine: from sinner to expert

In medicine the patient represents the cornerstone around which healthcare activity revolves, or at least should revolve, but together with the disease he has been considered by the society around him in variable ways. In the distant past, illness was often considered a divine punishment, the patient a sinner who needed to be punished, and treating him was considered a charitable act. With the secular transformation of industrialized societies, the patient has been subjected to a paternalistic regime which, associated with the technological intrusiveness of the last century, has effectively obscured his personality.

In recent decades, however, and in the context of the progressive movements that have occurred in civil society, the patient is no longer considered a passive subject, but a person who must give consent to the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures that are proposed to him and who has of one's life and decides when to end it. Dr. Alberto Dolara, former director of the S-Luca Careggi Florence Cardiology Unit 1979-2002, recounts the succession of phases that transformed the doctor-patient relationship.

NADOLOL, the galenic preparation as a possible alternative to purchasing the drug abroad

In a recent note, AIFA declared a shortage of Nadolol until March 2024. To help patients who use this drug, the AICARM volunteers they are contacting pharmacies on the national territory to identify some references in northern, central and southern Italy, which have the active ingredient and are organized for the galenic preparation of Nadolol tablets in dosages of 40mg and 80mg. On the AICARM website you will find an updated list of pharmacies that are able to produce the capsules and send them to applicants. Stay in touch for updates.

Alert Nadolol


Two Aicarm courses: Patients expert in hereditary myocardial diseases and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation for family members

On November 25, 2023, two courses aimed at patients and family members will be held in Florence.

In the course for Experienced Patients, which will be held at the Auditorium of the CR Firenze Foundation (via Folco Portinari, 5 Florence), fundamental topics will be discussed regarding the heart and hereditary diseases of the heart muscle, the importance of genetic counseling, the psychological implications of diagnosis and therapies , recommendations for physical activity and sports fitness, and essential information on arrhythmias in cardiomyopathies. Pharmacological therapy of cardiomyopathies and specific surgical procedures such as myectomy and mitral plasty will also be discussed. One segment of the course will focus on living with cardiomyopathy.

Florence training course flyer 2023

The course CPR for family members of patients with cardiomyopathy (at the Aicarm headquarters, via dello Studio, 5 Florence) begins with a general theoretical introduction and continues with the demonstration, by the instructor, of the CPR maneuvers and the use of the semi-automatic external defibrillator (AED). Subsequently, each participant is invited to perform CPR maneuvers on a dummy and to use a device that simulates the behavior of a real semi-automatic external defibrillator (AED). The course requires each participant to repeat all the maneuvers more than once in order to memorize the procedures well. 

Registration for the two courses is compulsory and free and can only be done online by completing the appropriate form available on the AICARM website on the course presentation page. It will be possible to register up to 3 days before the start date of the course and in any case until all available places are filled. Please note that the course, although free, involves an organizational cost, therefore attendance and punctuality are recommended to those enrolled.

For information and registration: AICARM APS training courses – 25 Florence November 2023

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