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The book “Il Cuore Grande” presented to institutions and supporters 

The objective was the presentation of the volume Il Cuore Grande to the representatives of the institutions, sponsors and supporters of Aicarm. But the event was transformed into a great celebration for the four years of life and activity of the Association in the setting of Villa Bardini, the exceptional terrace on the hill recovered for the use of Florentines and visitors and restored thanks to the CR Firenze Foundation which manages the spaces through the Bardini and Peyron Monumental Parks Foundation.

On stage Marinelli - Cecchi - PeliniOn stage the president Franco Cecchi, author of the book together with the journalist Laura d'Ettole, the honorary president Augusto Marinelli and the vice president Valerio Pelini, founders and architects of a volunteer initiative which in a few years has become a point of reference for the community of doctors and patients at a national level, in the commitment to guarantee a better quality of life for those with cardiomyopathy: for diagnosis, treatment and support in all their needs.

Cecchi, Marinelli and Pelini spoke about this mission and its concrete expression in introducing the book which collects twenty testimonies from people of all age groups who have fought and continue to fight against the disease and who have agreed to tell their story by putting exposing the fragility, the emotions and also the rediscovered inner strength, to give hope and certainty to those who discover they are affected by it.

Pamela Villoresi reads storiesBeautiful and exciting stories, such as that of the crossed destinies between those who tragically lose their lives and those who are reborn thanks to a transplant, or that of Francesca, the sportswoman who did not want to accept the disease and then succeeded with a recovery process that she decided to share with those who need it. Some of these were read and interpreted by the actress Pamela Villoresi. Thanks to her great talent, that underlying plot of human solidarity emerged from her testimonies that only those who have experienced suffering, pain and precariousness can convey. In particular, the actress touched the hearts of the listeners with the story of Oliviero, the eldest of the book's protagonists, with a deep voice and dialect accent, an expression of an ironic Florentine wisdom.

Laura d'Ettole, co-author of the texts of the book with comments by Cecchi and the psychologist and psychotherapist Dr. Guendalina Rossi, and an afterword by Prof. Iacopo Olivotto, has reconstructed the path common to all the witnesses who retrace the phases of the meeting the disease "like a bolt of lightning that changes your life", the relationship with the cardiologist and the psychologist, the decision to "give it a boost" and build different life balances. These are not monologues but open dialogues with those who need help and hope.

President Franco Cecchi outlined the results achieved by Aicarm, thanking all those who generously offered a contribution to guarantee the growth of the Association. Thanks to them - Marinelli and Pelini recalled - services such as "Hearts in listening" were activated and the network of relationships also created at the international level in which Aicarm acts as the main guarantor of the interests of those affected by myocardial diseases. The association has equipped itself with effective tools that make use of the most advanced multimedia techniques to offer important information for the management of daily life, the treatment of illnesses and the achievement of psychological balance which is one of the main components for leading a life normal.
Speakers included the councilor Elisabetta Meucci for the Municipality of Florence, representing the Mayor, who assured the Municipality's support for the upcoming projects, and Iacopo Speranza, president of the Bardini and Peyron Monumental Parks Foundation. The President of the CRFirenze Foundation Luigi Salvatori sent a letter in which he highlighted how the mission and nature of Aicarm correspond perfectly to the support policies decided by the Foundation.

Villa Bardini HallAlso in the room was the President of the Florence Medical Association, Dr. Pietro Dattolo, specialists and doctors who contributed to the birth and development of the Cardiomyopathies Unit of Careggi, such as prof. Iacopo Olivotto, Dr. Francesca Girolami and Francesca Torricelli, fundamental for the results obtained in genetic research, Dr. Mariagrazia Bongiorni, among the greatest experts in the treatment of arrhythmias. Among the supporters of Aicarm were also present the President of the Davide Astori Association Luigi Maria Miranda, the Menarini International Foundation with its President Dr. Alessandro Casini, and Dr. Lorenzo Melani, and Roberto Marcori, President of the Ada Cullino Marcori Foundation.