Donate 5x1000 Aicarm APS
Donate 5x1000 Aicarm APS

With your 5×1000 more projects to improve the quality of life of patients with cardiomyopathy

Give us 5 seconds of your time, 5 seconds are enough to assign your 5×1000, a moment of your time to help thousands and thousands of lives.

Cardiomyopathies are little known, even by doctors themselves, and are often not well diagnosed. Help AICARM carry out numerous projects to change this situation and to improve the quality of life of patients with cardiomyopathy. Support us, as many have already done, and allocate your 5×1000 by indicating our tax code in your tax return.

All the volunteers who work in our association work actively for Aicarm to become a point of reference for providing support to those in difficulty. Hearts Listening it's the service price quotation created by AICARM APS for give support to whom, patients or their families, is involved in the experience of cardiomyopathy.

Patients who are first diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, or are confronted with new manifestations of disease symptoms, are often faced with these trials on their own. We want to build a support network for these patients by involving volunteers, expert medical specialists, healthcare facilities and other international associations.

Supported projects

Thanks to the contribution of the 5 × 1000 and to the generous supporters of AICARM we were able to carry on our associative project. Patients who receive a new diagnosis, or who experience a different stage of the disease, are faced, often alone, with a mix of problems that can sometimes require difficult choices. AICARM helps patients and their families to become aware of their condition with the aim of acquiring the basic knowledge that allows them to choose the best therapeutic option at that moment. However, to help patients, it is also necessary to listen, share and experience those who have already dealt with the disease and who make themselves available, as expert volunteers, in the Hearts Listening.

Support for patients, activation of the Listening Hearts listening desk.

Address of patients to reference centers for the treatment of cardiomyopathies.

In-person training courses for patients experienced in hereditary myocardial diseases.

CPR CPR training and defibrillator use for family members of patients with cardiomyopathy.

Webinar on genetics, new drugs, new therapies.

Publication of updated and scientifically verified information content with all the news from the world of research.

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How to donate the 5×1000 to AICARM

To support AICARM with your own 5 per thousand, you must enter the tax code of AICARM in the space titled “Support for voluntary work and other non-profit organizations of social utility, social promotion associations and recognized associations and foundations operating in the sectors referred to in art. 10, c. 1, letter a), of Legislative Decree no. 460 of 1997“.

The AICARM APS Tax Code is the following: 94288930483

Where to sign

Donating is simple, all you need to do is:

  • Sign in the first box “Support for Third Sector Bodies and Registered APS”
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