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You have been given a diagnosis of cardiomyopathy, and now? Cardiomyopathies are still little known diseases and each case is different from the other. Today there are effective therapies that have been shown to improve symptoms, prevent or resolve complications, and increase survival and quality of life of the majority of patients with cardiomyopathy.This is why it is important to get information from those who know them well. AICARM is an association of doctors, nurses, patients and benefactors founded upon extensive experience in research and assistance acquired in Florence in this field. On our association website you will find information, documents on studies and research in progress, you can read and listen to the stories and experiences of other patients. If you think you need help, please contact us.

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Answers to frequently asked questions about symptoms, tests, complications and much more.

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What lifestyles, nutrition and physical activity are recommended or recommended in case of cardiomyopathy.

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In 1972 the project that will lead to the Cardiomyopathies Unit of the Careggi AOUC begins in Florence. Read the experience of Florence that also gave birth to AICARM and the stories told by some patients assisted.

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If you need clarification or need help, please contact us. We will be happy to offer our contribution.

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The latest news and discoveries for the therapy of Cardiomyopathies.

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Lisa Salberg: Shared decision making: the patient's perspective. A global vision

What does “shared decision-making” mean. Lisa Salberg founder and CEO of the American Association for Hypertrophic Myocarditis (HCMA) sent a video message to the "Advances in Cardiomyopathies" conference on 9-10 September, explaining how the concept is implemented in the United States. “We want patients to be excited about the future and understand their options and know how to ask smart questions that will help them achieve their goals,” he said. We publish broad passages from the speech that provide important elements for the discussion on the subject in Italy

The effects of the pandemic: the anguish of young people in search of a new equilibrium

Overwhelmed by images of disease and real death, fear of infecting their loved ones: the psychic life of adolescents has been subjected to limitless stress in the pandemic. And their real behaviors are far from the stereotype sometimes spread by the media: violent, reckless and careless. Guendalina Rossi, psychiatrist and psychotherapist - two professional studios, one in Florence and the other in Arezzo - tells us about their difficult reality of life and their invisibility, which stands out in the spiral of suffering that involved everyone.

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